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Aaxon RNDTM Rechargeable Implantable Neurostimulator Kit for DBS

Smaller Size / Lighter Weight / longer Life / Quicker Charging



Product NameSizeWeightMax Battery LifeCFDA Certificate
Rechargeable Implantable Neurostimulator54x48x10mm30g15 yearsGXZZ 20193120964
Product NameRechargeable Implantable Neurostimulator
Max Battery Life15 years
CFDA CertificateGXZZ 20193120964


Delicate Battery Design

Smaller size and lighter weight bring less implantable wounds and easy to heal, effectively reducing the patient's feeling of foreign matter.

High efficiently Charging

Efficient charging efficiency: Under common parameters, the maximum charging interval is up to 48 days with the particular parameters as 3V Amplitude, 90us pulse width, 120Hz frequency. It can be recharged every day and every week. Patients can choose a fixed charging time according to their own charging habits. For most patients, the daily charging time is 5-10min, which can ensure daily use.

15* years battery life

Longer battery life, Less Surgery Pain

(*The longevity is related to warranty policy in different local market.)

● Easy to monitor battery status

By Patient Programmer or Clinician Programmer, the battery status can be monitored easily in order to charge on time.

12 months before the battery depletion, alarm would appear when Clinician Programmer or Patient Programmer is connected to IPG so that the Doctor could arrange battery replacement surgery properly.

Safe Electric-discharge

The special protection software guarantees having no excessive discharge. Even if the IPG has not been charged for a long time, when restarting, the charging process would resume normally.

With strictly controlling the heat release, when the human tissue temperature exceeds the normal range, the charging will stop automatically without the patient's awareness.

Sensitive Charging Induction

The IPG can be implanted at 2cm under the skin, which still could effectively and easily guarantee charging function.

Dural Channel and Bilaterally Rate Programmable Stimulation

According to different symptoms in PD patient's both sides, different frequencies can be set in order to have better efficacy.

13 Groups of Stimulation Parameters

Doctor can set up 13 groups of stimulation parameter with different amplitude, frequency, pulse width in different contacts, according to patient's daily symptoms fluctuations and activity demands and even cycle those stimulation groups automatically every day if necessary.

●  Wireless Programming

Both Doctor and Patient can freely move without any cable limits;

Without contact when intra-operative measurement, much less risk of infection;

●  Remote Programming

Realize the remote post-programming between doctor and patient, giving them convenient and free programming time.

●  Portable Charging Chest Bag

User-friendly and Ergonomic design make charging effortless for patient.

Easy to check the charging status and get rid of cables twining trouble.

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