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Bilateral Different Frequency Stimulation
Bilateral Different Frequency Stimulation

Most patients with Parkinson's disease have different symptoms on the left and right sides and require different treatment options. But all the competitors’ products in the market cannot be independently adjusted in the left and right sides, so that the optimal therapeutic effect cannot be achieved.
SceneRay DBS has a self-developed control chip, which enables the two stimulus output channels to achieve independent control output. The doctor can independently adjust the frequency, pulse width, amplitude and stimulation mode of the two channels of the pulse generator, so that the left and right side of the patient can get different treatment options.

TouchLoc<sup>®</sup> Lead Fixture Technology
TouchLoc® Lead Fixture Technology

By this technology, the product obtains US patent.

This product is simple to operate, can effectively ensure that the electrode is not displaced in the brain, effectively reduces the phenomenon of target deviation during surgery, and improves the success rate of surgery and the effect of postoperative treatment.

Wireless and High Speed Programming Technology
Wireless and High Speed Programming Technology

At present, the competitors’ products are programmed using magnetic induction contact methods. In the process of program control, medical personnel need to keep the induction probe at the implantation position of the patient chest in order to program the pacemaker. At the same time, this programming method is slow, and each step of parameter adjustment takes 2 ~ 3 seconds. In addition, during the test stimulation in the surgery, this traditional method of programming will increase the risk of postoperative infection and may increase additional injury to the patient.

Wireless Remote Programming Follow-up Technology
Wireless Remote Programming Follow-up Technology

Based on wireless high-speed non-contact programming technology, a remote follow-up program system was developed. The application of this device completely solves the various inconveniences of long-distance patient programming. This remote follow-up programming system realizes remote interaction between doctors and patients. The device uses a dedicated frequency band bidirectional encrypted remote communication technology to ensure the safety of diagnosis and treatment during remote follow-up; a two-way high-definition image and audio transmission system displays the Parkinson's symptoms of patients in real time and accurately. At the same time, a sound database of diagnosis and treatment information allows doctors to retrieve patient history information and historical programming parameters anytime, anywhere.

Combined Stimulation of Intracranial Dual Function Regions
Combined Stimulation of Intracranial Dual Function Regions

One electrode can assume the function of stimulating two intracranial functional regions in different parameters simultaneously. (Nucleus Accumbens and Anterior Limb of Internal Capsule)

The implanted stimulator undertakes the adjustment of the electrical stimulation of the two functional regions. With the use of electrodes, it is possible to output completely different stimulation parameters (voltage, amplitude, pulse width) to two functional regions at the same time. It breaks through the technical limitation that the prior art cannot output electric stimulation of different parameters at the same time on a single electrode.

The innovatively designed "dual-channel dual-frequency neuro modulation chip" can output electrical stimulation pulses with completely different frequencies to two functional regions on one electrode.

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